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Chapter Quiz
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In coming years, high tech growth areas such as computers, biotechnology, and robots are likely to experience a:
A)surplus of labor.
B)significant decline in market demand, leading to a stagnant labor market.
C)shortage of skilled labor.
D)stable equilibrium in the labor market.
Probably the most controversial program enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission concerns:
A)mandatory retirement.
B)affirmative action.
C)equal pay reporting.
D)green card requirements for illegal aliens.
Ben Eisner is a human resource manager at Claymont Communications who is currently involved in human resource planning. Which of the following tasks would Ben perform as a part of the planning process?
A)Prepare a human resource inventory.
B)Appraise the performance of individual workers.
C)Establish the budget for the human resource department.
D)Interview potential workers.
Which of the following would be used by a manager who wanted to fill a position using an internal source?
A)promotion of a current employee
B)public employment agencies
C)help wanted ads
D)private employment agencies
_____________ workers do not have the expectation of regular, full time employment.
Which of the following types of work would be best suited to the use of on-the-job training as the primary training method?
A)working with heavy construction equipment
B)checking out customers at a local convenience store
C)creating advertising copy for Procter & Gamble
D)wiring homes for an established electrical contractor
The information contained in performance appraisals helps managers:
A)write job descriptions.
B)compute the firm's overall performance in terms of a rate of return on investment.
C)evaluate job applicants.
D)make decisions about promotions, compensation, training, and firing.
A common way of compensating teams is a ___________ system, in which bonuses are based on improvements over a previous performance baseline.
B)stock option
Which of the following firms would have the strongest incentive to adopt a job sharing plan?
A)The ABC Company wants to simplify its hiring and training procedures.
B)The CDE Corporation wants to offer employees more flexibility in the types of fringe benefits they receive.
C)EFG Clothiers wants to reduce the span of control of its supervisors.
D)GHI Health Services wants to reduce absenteeism and tardiness.
A(n) __________ is a financial incentive a firm offers to encourage employees to accept an early retirement offer.
B)green fair-way
C)golden handshake
D)silver lining

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