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Chapter Quiz
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The union movement in the United States was an outgrowth of the economic transition caused by the:
A)Revolutionary War.
B)Great Depression.
C)Industrial Revolution.
D)passage of antitrust legislation by the federal government.
Which of the following statements is the most accurate assessment of the historical role of the AFL in the labor movement? In its early years the AFL
A)attracted a lot of public attention and political support because it was the first truly national labor organization in the United States.
B)operated as a federation of craft unions, but soon split into two interdependent groups and became known as the AFL-CIO.
C)was a federation of craft unions that championed basic labor issues.
D)had limited success because it suffered from poor leadership.
_____________ is the process by which representatives of a union meet with representatives of management to negotiate a contract for workers.
C)Mutual Conciliation
D)Collective bargaining
A government agency known as the _____________ is responsible for certifying and decertifying unions.
A)AFL (American Federation of Labor)
B)NLRB (National Labor Relations Board).
C)YDC (Yellow Dog Contract)
D)CBU (Collective Bargaining Unit)
A closed shop agreement:
A)understood that new hires may not yet be union members, but the expectation was that they would soon join.
B)previous union membership was a criterion for being hired.
C)means that unions are not permitted in that particular workplace, and a legal way of operating.
D)means that unions are not permitted in that particular workplace; but, today, this is an illegal mode of operation.
Union shops are illegal in the state of North Carolina. This means that North Carolina:
A)is violating federal law.
B)has passed a right-to-work law.
C)allows firms to use yellow-dog contracts.
D)is taking advantage of a loophole in the National Labor Relations Act.
Yogi believes that an agency shop is the most desirable union security arrangement. Which of the following statements would be most likely to represent Yogi's views?
A)A union can succeed in its collective bargaining efforts only if it represents all workers. Therefore, workers should be required to join the union soon after they are hired.
B)Workers should be allowed to join a union if they wish, but they should not be required to join or pay a fee to the union in order to keep their job.
C)Workers should not be required to join a union to keep their jobs. However, since all workers enjoy the benefits obtained through collective bargaining, even those who do not join should pay a fee to support the union.
D)Unions should be replaced by employee stock ownership plans that give workers a say in the management of their firms.
Two common tactics used by unions when collective bargaining efforts break down are:
A)strikes and boycotts.
B)injunctions and lockouts.
C)conciliation and yellow-dog contracts.
D)enforcement of right-to-work clauses and cooling-off periods.
____________ refers to unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other conduct of a sexual nature that creates a hostile work environment.
A)Sexual harassment
B)Gender bias
C)Sexual opportunism
D)Sexual coercion
The Legal Briefcase box, titled, "Paying for Incompetence" is about:
A)workers who are not doing their jobs, yet are protected by their unions.
B)government employees who are fleecing America.
C)inflated executive compensation, and the need for compensation reform.
D)determining whether men or women are better suited to perform various jobs.

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