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Chapter Quiz
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A(n) ____________ consists of the marketing intermediaries that transport and store goods as they move through their path from producer to final user.
A)channel of distribution
B)marketing network
C)input-output matrix
D)mode of distribution
Suppose that eight bakeries each tried to sell their products directly to seven supermarkets. The total number of exchange relationships that would be established is:
Which of the following statements about service utility is most accurate? Service utility is:
A)becoming less important to retailers in this age of self-service marketing.
B)the one type of utility that online firms provide more efficiently than traditional retailers.
C)more likely to be provided by wholesalers than by retailers.
D)becoming crucial to traditional retailers as they try to prevent their customers from defecting to firms using direct marketing.
Which of the following would be the best example of a broker?
A)Tri-State Lumber Supply does not actually store, handle, or deliver lumber, but rather solicits orders from retail hardware and home improvement stores, takes title to the lumber, then arranges for it to be shipped directly from sawmills to the retail stores.
B)Jill Moon helps buyers and sellers of used heavy construction equipment negotiate the terms and conditions of their transactions, but does not actually take title to any of the equipment, nor does she develop long-term relationships with the buyers or sellers.
C)Hal Hinton is not an employee of Hyloft Golf Clubs, but he does solicit sales for their products at golf and sporting goods stores in a fairly large sales territory.
D)Spence Coker is employed by a vacuum cleaner company, and goes door to door selling products produced by his company.
A __________ sells a wide selection of goods in one category.
A)department store
B)discount store
C)outlet store
D)specialty store
Producers of snack foods (such as candy bars) are most likely to use a(n) _____________ distribution strategy for their products.
In _____________, salespeople are independent contractors who not only sell the product, but also recruit additional salespeople.
B)two-stage marketing
C)hierarchical marketing
D)multilevel marketing
Kumquat Computers is a major computer manufacturer that also owns all of the organizations in the channel of distribution for its computers, including a chain of Kumquat Direct retail stores. Kumquat is using a:
A)franchise distribution system.
B)corporate distribution system.
C)administered distribution system.
D)retail cooperative system.
_________ involves planning, implementing, and controlling the physical flow of materials, final goods, and related information from points of origin to points of consumption to meet customer requirements at a profit.
A)Export management
B)Multi-level marketing
D)Shipping control management
Which type of wholesale organization would be most useful to a small manufacturer which has shipments that are too small to fill a truck or railcar?
A)rack jobbers
B)cash-and-carry wholesalers
D)freight forwarders

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