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Taking it to the Net
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To demonstrate the level of commitment one business has to social responsibility.


Richard Foos of Rhino Records built a multimillion-dollar entertainment experience out of a pile of dusty old records—by sticking to his ideals. Foos fosters ethical practices in Rhino's day-to-day business, supporting numerous charitable groups and promoting community service by Rhino employees. See for yourself how Foos responds to social and environmental issues by going to Rhino's Web site at and exploring the "About Rhino" links.
Then answer the following questions:

1. What is the social mission of Rhino Records?

2. What does the Social and Environmental Responsibility Team (SERT) do to implement this mission?

3. How does Rhino Records encourage its employees to get involved in community service?

4. How do Rhino employees communicate the company's social mission to their customers?

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