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Patterns in the Sky

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I pray the gods to quit me of my toils,
To close the watch I keep this livelong year;
For as a watch-dog lying, not at rest,
Propped on one arm, upon the palace roof
Of Atreus' race, too long, too well I know
The starry conclave of the midnight sky,
Too well, the splendours of the firmament,
The lords of light, whose kingly aspect shows-
What time they set or climb the sky in turn-
The year's divisions, bringing frost or fire.


Questions to Explore:
  • How do the apparent paths of stars depend on where we are on the Earth?
  • How does the Sun’s apparent motion differ from that of the stars?
  • How do we use the Sun’s motion to keep track of time?
  • How are the phases of the Moon related to the apparent motion of the Moon?
  • How are the apparent motions of the planets different from those of the Sun and the Moon?

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