Physics of Everyday Phenomena
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The Physics of Everyday Phenomena: A Conceptual Introduction to Physics, 7/e

W. Thomas Griffith, Pacific University
Juliet W. Brosing, Pacific University

ISBN: 0073512206
Copyright year: 2012

What's New

  • In this edition, some energy themes are introduced in chapter 1 to serve as a "teaser," referencing and integrating later coverage in the text. A NEW Section 1 introduces the energy theme by posing questions that a citizen or politician might need to answer to address current issues on energy use and the environment, including climate change or global warming. Section 5 has also been expanded to discuss energy.

  • More coverage on energy issues, sustainability, energy conservation, renewable energy resources, etc. is included in the 7th edition, especially in the end of chapter questions and exercises and "Everyday Phenomena" boxes.

  • New, "Debatable Issues", can be found in the 7th edition. These open-ended, opinion questions, that include energy and environmental issues that might be addressed by users in an internet forum, as class discussion, and/or as writing assignments.

  • Two NEW Everyday Phenomenon boxes (chapters 3 and 10) have been added to those already present in the text. These boxes ask students to analyze common phenomena in more detail to promote a better understanding of everyday events in students' lives.

  • Chapter 21 "Beyond Everyday Phenomena" has been heavily revised to include recent physics research into quarks and other elementary particles as well as material on cosmology research.

  • Approximately 20% of the end of chapter exercises have been revised.

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