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Audio Program
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These audio files correspond to the listening sections of your Cuaderno de trabajo.

Actividades auditivas

Describir y comentar
A. (1789.0K)
B. (1277.0K)
C. (1932.0K)
D. (2464.0K)

Lengua 1. Gender and Number of Nouns
A. (1900.0K)

Lengua 2. Basic Patterns of Adjective Agreement
A. (2456.0K)

Lengua 3. Equivalents of to be: ser, estar
A. (3374.0K)
B. (1582.0K)
C. (2902.0K)
D. (2370.0K)

Lengua 4. Subject Pronouns and the Present Indicative
A. (1952.0K)
B. (1755.0K)
C. (2620.0K)
D. (1911.0K)

Lengua 5. Direct Objects
A. (996.0K)
B. (2582.0K)
C. (1881.0K)
D. (1540.0K)
E. (2135.0K)

Enlaces: Voces
A. (2657.0K)
B. (910.0K)
C. (910.0K)

Pronunciación y ortografía
Pronunciación: Las vocales
A. (1054.0K)
B. (392.0K)
C. (924.0K)
D. (575.0K)

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