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Metas: Spanish in Review, Moving Toward Fluency

Sharon W. Foerster
Anne Lambright, Trinity College

ISBN: 0073513202
Copyright year: 2008

Dibujos animados

These exciting video animations, found on the ActivityPak, help bring los cinco amigos to life. The dibujos animados correspond to the dialogues found in the La historia section of each "A" chapter of the main text. The dibujo animado for the Para empezar chapter shows the cinco amigos introducing themselves.

Click the following link to watch the dibujo animado for Capítulo 1A.

Dibujo animado, Capítulo 1A (688.0K)

Macromedia Flash Player is required to view this video. To install this player, please go to the Macromedia Download site and follow the directions on-screen for proper installation.

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