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Exercise: Suffixes
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Directions: Refer to the following lists of suffixes as you complete the exercise that follows.

1. Suffixes that indicate nouns

These mean state of, condition of , or quality of what the base word indicates:

Suffix Example
-ance, -ence reliance (rely), dependence (depend)
-domfreedom (free)
-hoodadulthood (adult)
-ity, -y maturity (mature), honesty (honest)
-iverelative (relate)
-mentretirement (retire)
-nesskindness (kind)
-shipfriendship (friend)
-tion, -sion, -ion isolation (isolate), suspension (suspend)
-tudesolitude (solitary)



These mean a person who does what the root indicates:

-er, -orreader (read), inventor (invent)
-istsoloist (solo)

2. Suffixes that indicate verbs and mean to make (what the base word indicates)

-ateautomate (automatic)
-ifyliquefy (liquid)
-izesocialize (social)
-encheapen (cheap)

3. Suffixes that indicate adjectives

These suffixes mean full of what the base word indicates:

-fulcolorful (color)
-ous, -iousjoyous (joy)
-atefortune (fortune)
-yroomy (room)

These suffixes mean relating to or pertaining to (what the base word indicates):

-almusical (music)
-iccomic (comedy)
-ishchildish (child)
-ivecorrective (correct)
Other adjective suffixes:
Suffix Example
-able , -ible able to be or do
(whatever the root says)
reasonable (reason); sensible (sense)
-less withouthomeless (home)
4. Other helpful suffixes

-ly , -ilylike, in the manner of
(creates an adverb)
friendly (friend), sloppily (sloppy)

-ologystudy or science
(of whatever the root says)
biology, psychology

-ismphilosophy or belief
(in whatever the root says)
terrorism, communism

Exercise: Add the suffix to the base word. Remember that in some cases, the spelling of the base word may change slightly when the suffix is added. You may consult a dictionary if you are unsure of the spelling.

Example: explode + sion explosion

1normal + ly

2improve + ment

3read + able

4race + ial

5locate + tion

6space + ious

7blue + ish

8dream + ily

9bicycle + ist

10length + en

11king + dom

12rely + able

13hope + ful

14clue + less

15motor + ize

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