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Medical Insurance: An Integrated Claims Process Approach, 6/e

Joanne D. Valerius, RHIA, MPH, Oregon Health and Science University
Nenna L. Bayes, B.A. M.Ed., Ashland Community and Technical College
Cynthia Newby, CPC, CPC-P
Amy L. Blochowiak, MBA, ACS, AIAA, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

ISBN: 0073513717
Copyright year: 2014

The sixth edition of Medical Insurance: An Integrated Claims Process Approach emphasizes the medical billing cycle—ten steps that clearly identify all the components needed to successfully manage the medical insurance claims process. The cycle shows how administrative medical professionals “follow the money.” Medical insurance specialists must be familiar with the rules and guidelines of each health plan in order to submit proper documentation. This ensures that offices receive maximum, appropriate reimbursement for services provided. Each part of the book is dedicated to a section of the cycle followed by case studies to apply the skills discussed in each section.

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