Bradley:Programming in VB 2008
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Programming in Visual Basic 2008, 7/e

Julia Case Bradley, Mt. San Antonio College
Anita C. Millspaugh, Mt. San Antonio College

ISBN: 0073517208
Copyright year: 2009

This text incorporates the basic concepts of programming, problem solving, programming logic, as well as the design techniques of an object-oriented, event-driven language. VB 2008 is a fully object-oriented language, which includes inheritance and polymorphism. Object-oriented programming (OOP) is introduced in Chapter 1 and its features appear in every chapter of the book.

Chapter topics are presented in a sequence that allows the programmer to learn how to deal with a visual interface while acquiring important programming skills such as creating projects with objects, decisions, loops, and data management.

A high priority is given to writing applications that are easy for the user to understand and to use. Students are presented with interface design guidelines throughout the text.

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