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The Paramedic, Update Edition

Will Chapleau
Angel Clark Burba
Peter T. Pons
David Page

ISBN: 0073520713
Copyright year: 2008

About The Paramedic

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The Paramedic comes to you through the concerted efforts of the authors to produce a text that reflects the depth and breadth of modern Advanced Life Support in the field of emergency medical services, which continues to define itself in response to the needs of its patients.

From the beginning, the authors set out to cover not just the material dictated by national standard curricula but to provide the depth of science and history that explains the anatomy and function of our patients when they are well and how their bodies respond when they become sick or injured.

What the reviewers are saying about The Paramedic

"If you or your family were to become sick or injured in the middle of the night, in the blowing snow or in the cold rain, do you want the EMT taking care of you to be the very best they possibly could be or simply one who has taken the course to 'get by'?...This book is not a “get by” book. This book is not written by 'get by' authors. This book is not edited by 'get by' editors...These authors have not tried to get by with only the need to know information; they have put together the nice to know information that separates the good EMT from the superb EMT. Although the nice to know information may never be “required,” the nice to know information promotes understanding. It is understanding that makes a superb paramedic.

The authors know what it takes to educate an outstanding paramedic. They have provided information to do so in a very easy format to use with a bottom line as the patient. If you want to take care of the sickest patients around, you need the very best textbook to provide you this information. And that textbook is [McGraw-Hill's The Paramedic]."

Norman E. McSwain, Jr., MD, FACS, NREMT-P
Professor of Surgery
Tulane University

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About The Paramedic Companion

The Paramedic also comes with a student workbook: The Paramedic Companion: A Case-based Worktext. This a nontraditional workbook that can be used throughout the paramedic curriculum. Although it is tightly integrated with the main textbook, The Paramedic Companion goes beyond the simple “review and test” approach of most workbooks. Instead, it supports the student’s exploration of the art and science of prehospital medicine with creative learning tools, images, and even video to better explain concepts and techniques. The Paramedic Companion speaks clearly and directly to the paramedic student. The material in each chapter revolves around “Need To Know” content, based on the DOT objectives, which the authors of both the Textbook and Worktext felt was absolutely necessary for the paramedic student to master before moving on to the next section or chapter. All features in the Manual were designed to ensure that learners can successfully master these key content areas.

Click on “The Paramedic Companion” link on the left to learn more about the Worktext’s creative features and its accompanying DVD.

The Paramedic book cover

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