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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Debridement is
A)a collection of pus that forms as a result of infection.
B)the surgical removal of debris or dead tissue from a wound.
C)a deep wound caused by a sharp object.
D)the use of extreme cold to destroy unwanted tissue.
The proliferation phase of healing is characterized by
A)a constriction of blood vessels.
B)the formation of scar tissue.
C)a release of white blood cells.
D)the development of new tissue.
Which of the following occurs during the lag phase of healing?
A)new tissue forms
B)bleeding is reduced as blood vessels in the affected area constrict
C)formation of scar tissue
D)skin cells at the edge of the wound begin to move together to close off the wound
The tissue surfaces of an incision that are close together are
Which of the following are characteristics of absorbable sutures?
A)they are made of catgut and do not require removal after the wound has healed
B)they are used for the outside layer
C)they must be removed after wound healing is well under way
D)they are made of silk, nylon, or Dacron
Which type of wound would staples be used on?
A)a small, superficial cut on the finger
B)the area where a mole was removed on the upper arm
C)a long and deep wound across the leg
D)an area inside the mouth where the dentist accidentally scraped the tissue
An advantage of laser surgery is that
A)it promotes quick healing and prevents infection.
B)a local anesthetic is never necessary, because the cold itself reduces sensation.
C)no instructions on wound care are required after the procedure.
D)no dressing is applied after the procedure.
How does the laser cut away tissue?
A)it vaporizes unwanted tissue
B)extreme cold destroys unwanted tissue
C)a needle heated by electric current destroys the target tissue
D)it removes all unwanted tissue with a sharp blade
A medical assistant should include which of the following in preparing a patient for cryosurgery?
A)place a grounding pad somewhere on the patient's body
B)ask the patient to put on safety goggles
C)inform the patient that the initial sensation of cold will be followed by a burning sensation
D)position the patient for the administration of a general anesthetic
Which of the following should you include in preparing a patient for electrocauterization?
A)tell the patient that more than one freezing cycle may be necessary
B)ask the patient to wear safety goggles during the procedure
C)place a grounding pad somewhere on the patient's body during the procedure
D)tell the patient that a sterile dressing will be applied after the procedure

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