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Case Studies
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A 17-year-old female cheerleader is brought to her family doctor by her parents. As the medical assistant, you take her history and physical, noting that she has no medical problems. The patient mentions that she has a lack of interest in food because she is being "careful not to eat too many calories" so she can keep her weight down and have a chance to be head cheerleader next year. She tells you she plans to try out for a cheerleading scholarship next fall and is preparing for the competition. You note her vital signs:

Blood pressure: 100/60
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 78 lbs.
Pulse rate: 40

She appears dehydrated and exhibits signs of muscle weakness. As you read this chapter, consider the following questions:

What is the patient's probable diagnosis?
Do you think that the patient's attention to calorie intake is simply, as she says, preparation for the cheerleading competition?
Why is this patient experiencing muscle weakness?

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