Hospital Billing
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Hospital Billing, 2/e

Susan Magovern, Chestnut Hill Enterprises
Jean Jurek, Erie Community College City Campus-Buffalo

ISBN: 0073520896
Copyright year: 2009

Student Supplements

Student resources on the OLC include:

  • Additional quizzes and other review activities
  • Sample claims for Part 2 Computer Exploration activities
  • Simulated claim form (UB04.pdf) for Part 3 Case Studies
  • Blank hospital billing claim form (BlankForm.pdf)
  • Appendix B, containing "Table B-1: The Eighty-One UB-04 Form Locators" and "Table B-2: A Comparison of the UB-92 and UB-04 Claim Forms"
  • Links to professional websites
  • PageOut Link
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