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Microbiology: A Systems Approach - Companion Site, 3/e

Marjorie Kelly Cowan, Miami University

ISBN: 007352252x
Copyright year: 2012

What's New?

The third edition of Microbiology, A Systems Approach contains the most up-to-date and relevant information in the field of microbiology. Pedagogical changes allowing instructors to measure student success easier and helping students relate to case files better have also been added. The following global changes have been made to this edition:

Case Files

    * The Case Files are now more integrated into the chapter, with the chapter-opening “Case File,” a “Continuing the Case” box, and a final “Case Wrap-Up.” All but two of these chapter case files are new to this edition.
    * All of the Case Files are linked to the new second edition of Laboratory Applications in Microbiology, A Case Study Approach, by Barry Chess.

Learning Outcomes and “Can You. . .” Assess Questions

    * The chapter overviews now include Learning Outcomes, which help focus the student’s attention on key concepts in the chapter. All Connect online content is directly correlated to these same Learning Outcomes.
    * Each section of a chapter ends with assess questions that tie directly to the Learning Outcomes. Additional online Connect questions will also help analyze performance against the Learning Outcomes.

Improved End-of-Chapter Material

    * Each Chapter Summary is now bulleted and easier to read.
    * All review questions are now linked to Bloom’s taxonomy.
    * Answers for all multiple choice, true/false, and matching questions are available in Appendix C for student self-practice.
    * Corresponding interactive Concept Maps in Connect reinforce the key terms and concepts in the chapter mapping exercises.

For chapter-by-chapter changes, click here. (51.0K)

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