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International Economics, 15/e

Thomas Pugel, New York University

ISBN: 0073523178
Copyright year: 2012


PowerPoint Slides
PowerPoint slides include figures and graphs to make teaching and learning more accessible.

Test Bank and EZTest Online Testing Program
The test bank for the fifteenth edition of International Economics includes 1,500 questions. Updated and extended by Harvey Poniachek of Pace University, the bank offers a plethora of testing options for the instructor and includes multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, true/false, and short-answer questions.

Instructor’s Manual
Written by the author, the Instructor’s Manual contains chapter overviews, teaching tips, and suggested answers to the even-numbered questions and problems that are contained in the textbook. To increase flexibility, the Tips section in each chapter often provides the author’s thoughts and suggestions for customizing the coverage of certain sections and chapters.

Study Guide
Written by Kerry Odell of Scripps College, the same author as the previous editions, the Study Guide is designed to provide students with materials and exercises that they can use to elevate their own learning. Each chapter is broken down into six sections—Objectives of the Chapter, Important Terms, Warm-Up Questions, Multiple-Choice Questions, Problems, and Discussion Topics.

Online Quizzes
A quiz for each chapter, written by Robert Allen of Columbia Southern University, highlights important chapter concepts and enables students to check their progress. Answers are provided, so that students can ensure reading comprehension or prepare for an exam. The quizzes are also a great way to refresh crucial information before class.

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