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Understanding Business, 10/e

William G. Nickels, University of Maryland
James M. McHugh, St. Louis Community College at Forest Park
Susan M. McHugh, Applied Learning Systems

ISBN: 007352459x
Copyright year: 2013


NEW: Connect® Business ISBN: 007747449X
Connect Business is McGraw-Hill’s Web-based assignment and assessment platform that gives students the means to better connect with their coursework, with their instructors, and with the important concepts that they will need to know for success now and in the future. With Connect Business, instructors can deliver assignments, quizzes, and tests easily online. Click here to learn more.

Instructor’s Supplements:

Instructor’s Manual:  The Instructor’s Manual is a great resource for adjunct instructors who have little time to prep, or for anyone new to using the Understanding Business text. The Instructor’s Manual provides so much more than just outlines and textbook content. It integrates all of the supplements together with the book, and organizes everything by learning objective. The video notes, supplemental cases, lecture outlines, PowerPoint thumbnails, critical thinking exercises, suggested syllabi, and answers to discussion questions in the text are included in one convenient spot for you to pick up and start teaching.. The format of the print Instructor’s Manual set a new standard when it was introduced and remains the gold standard. It features a 2-page format where the lecture outline is on the left page and supplemental resources are on the right, suggesting where they could be included in your lectures.

The Instructor Manual is still available in print from your Sales Rep, through the Instructor Library Resources in Connect, on the instructor’s side of the Online Learning Center, and on the Instructor’s Resource CD.

Test Bank: The Understanding Business Test Bank is like no other on the market. It’s designed to test 3 levels of learning based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. The basic level (1) is the knowledge of key terms, the intermediate level (2) is the understanding of key concepts and principles, and the most advanced level (3) tests on application of principles. Each question and answer includes a rationale for the correct answer, the corresponding page reference in the text for the answer, and the level of learning – adding to the effectiveness of this 9000+ question test bank.

Another helpful tool is the Test Table. This chart at the beginning of each chapter, allows you to develop balanced tests by quickly identifying items by learning goal, and level of learning. It also indicates which questions are multiple-choice, true-false, or short answer, and which test on boxed material in the text and cases in the book. Each chapter also includes a “quick-quiz” – a 10-question quiz that’s ready to use for assignments or testing. The full test bank is included in Connect as well, so you can easily create and administer tests through the Connect platform.

The Test Bank is still available in print from your Sales Rep, through the Instructor Library Resources in Connect, on the instructor’s side of the Online Learning Center, and on the Instructor’s Resource CD.

EZ Test:  The Computerized Test Bank can be found on the Instructor’s Resource CD and allows professors to add, delete, and edit questions as they wish to create their exams.

PowerPoint Slides: PowerPoints are a critical component of the Understanding Business package. Included with the 10th edition are PowerPoints that profile the chapter, with additional slides that include information and examples from outside the text. Every one of the 44 -55 PowerPoint slides also includes a detailed teaching note which is a great time saving help for instructors new to this text as well as part-time instructors. Each set includes slides with questions for the classroom that can be integrated with Personal Response Systems utilized in this course.

The PowerPoint Slides are available through the Instructor Library Resources in Connect, on the instructor’s side of the Online Learning Center, and on the Instructor’s Resource CD.

Instructor’s Resource CD (ISBN: 0077474376):  The Instructor’s Resource CD includes the Instructor’s Manual, Computerized Test Bank, PowerPoint slides, Video Notes, and Digital Asset Library (all figures from the text).

Videos (DVD ISBN: 0077474473) The video series for Understanding Business set a new standard several editions ago, and with the 10th edition we continue to raise the bar with our video support. The new clips are filmed specifically to accompany the chapters in this text. In the 10th edition we include a video about Zappos, one of the most well-respected companies today, we highlight the innovation behind Groupon’s strategy, we highlight issues involving the financial crisis in a video on the Banking Disaster, and we include a video on Goodwill supporting the Accounting chapter. The 10th edition videos include companies and business professionals that will engage and motivate students, and they are closely tied to the chapters in Understanding Business to help you teach the core concepts in your course.

Videos are available on DVD, or as downloadable files in the instructor edition of this Online Learning Center. Additional clips are provided within Connect so you can assign your students video cases that ask students to apply chapter concepts to real world company examples.

NEW: Connect® Instructor’s Manual: This instructor’s manual walks instructors through using Connect in their courses. This Instructor’s Manual includes everything from how to get started to suggestions of what to assign and ideas about assigning credit. It also gives descriptions of every assignment in Connect so instructors can pick and choose what want to assign to their students. This tool was developed by instructors who have used and continue to use Connect successfully in their Introduction to Business course and is a great help to figure out how to start setting up your course.  The Connect Instructor’s Manual can be found in the Instructor Connect Library Resources, and on the Online Learning Center.

Instructor’s Supplements Orientation Video Online: Great for instructors new to using the text, or for adjuncts/full-timers not sure what all is available in this UB10e supplements package! Please click here to access this detailed guide to the resources supporting Nickels.

Monthly Newsletter Things change quickly in our business environment today, and staying current in this class is critical. The authors of the Understanding Business text understand this, and developed this newsletter based on instructor suggestions. Every month, we send this newsletter to anyone using Understanding Business 10e to help keep classes current and interesting. The newsletter includes article abstracts, recent videos relating to chapters in this course, and PowerPoint slides to make it super easy to integrate newsletter items into an existing lecture – and each article and video in the newsletter includes discussion questions with suggested answers to help your faculty more easily incorporate these articles and videos into classes. At the end of each newsletter we include a grid that correlates each article with the appropriate chapters in the Understanding Business text.

Business Plan Pro (ISBN: 007733065X): Business Plan Pro helps students with its wizard based environment step-by-step through the creation of a professional business plan. 68 sample plans provide guidance for students as they complete and integrated financials, real-world forecasting tools.  There is also a grading sheet, built-in research data, and uses an SBA approved document format. This is a great option for instructors who incorporate a quarter/semester-long business plan project into their course. Purchasing Business Plan Pro with the Nickels text offers students substantial savings compared to the academic version of the software. Stand-alone copies must be purchased directly from Palo Alto software (800-229-7526).

Wall Street Survivor: Do you include a stock market project in your course? Wall Street Survivor is an online stock and option portfolio. Students receive $100,000 of hypothetical money to trade with for their semester and they compete with students using Understanding Business around the country.  Real-time prices are included, and students receive streaming portfolio updates, as well as research tools, and trading tips.  Teaching notes for instructors are included in the instructor portion of the website. You can access Wall Street Survivor by clicking on the Instructor Edition or Student Edition link on this Online Learning Center.

Student’s Supplements:

The Student Facebook page ( is a place for students using Understanding Business to get more information that can help them succeed in the course. This page provides:

  • Access to the textbook authors and the publisher
  • Study tips and chapter takeaways from the authors
  • Information on using course resources like Connect
  • Information on different business careers
  • Ongoing updates
  • Ability to connect with other students taking the same course all across the U.S.
  • A place for students to offer suggestions for what information will help them in the course
Student Assessment and Learning Guide - This guide is designed to help students study important material from the chapters and give them an edge in the course.  Each chapter contains learning goals, key term review, assessment checks, critical thinking exercises, practice quizzes, internet research exercises, and answers to all of these questions so students can study on their own. The Study Guide is available on the Student’s Online Learning Center and within the Library Resources of Connect. If you prefer a printed study guide, please work with your rep and they will be able to build you a guide specific for your course via CREATE custom publishing.
Nickels Understanding Business Tenth Edition Small Cover

Instructors: To experience this product firsthand, contact your McGraw-Hill Education Learning Technology Specialist.