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Multiple Choice Quiz
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All of the following are key functions of an organization except:
B)Information systems
What is the real ethical dilemma faced by the R&D department?
A)Product costs
B)Product quality
C)Production time
D)Product originality
Ideally, the human resources function within an organization should be directly involved in all of the following except:
A)the creation of a career development program for the employee
B)the creation of the job description for the position
C)the marketing of the organization's products
D)the documentation of periodic performance reviews
Advocates of ethical business conduct argue that the HR department needs to ensure that all of the following critical areas are addressed except:
A)HR must keep track of all of the company's financial transactions
B)HR professionals must help ensure that ethics are a top priority
C)HR is responsible for ensuring that the right programs and policies are in place
D)HR must stay abreast ethical issues
What is the number one reason explaining why employees stretch the truth in the workplace?
A)Acceptance by co-workers
C)Investor relations
D)Stakeholder relations

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