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Multiple Choice Quiz
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The owners of a corporation are typically a fragmented group consisting of all of the following, except:
A)individual public shareholders
B)the government
D)other companies
Who is responsible for overseeing the financial reporting process of an organization?
A)The board of directors
B)The audit committee
C)The frontline managers
D)The compensation committee
What would be a negative consequence of merging the roles of the chief executive officer and the board of directors?
A)Extensive company knowledge
C)Ethical reasoning
All of the following personalities received media coverage for corporate scandals, except:
A)Wagoner at General Motors
B)Lay at Enron
C)Scrushy at HealthSouth
D)Rigas at Adelphia Cable
Which of the following is NOT a question on Walter Salmon's checklist to assess the quality of an organization's board?
A)Are the insiders limited to the CEO, the COO, and the CFO?
B)Is your board the right size (15 to 20 members)?
C)Do you take the right measures to build trust among directors?
D)Are there three or more outside directors to every insider?

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