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Employment Law for Business, 7/e

Dawn D. Bennett-Alexander, University of Georgia
Laura P. Hartman, DePaul University

ISBN: 0073524964
Copyright year: 2012

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PART ONE The Regulation of the Employment Relationship

Chapter 1

The Regulation of Employment

Chapter 2

The Employment Law Toolkit: Resources for Understanding the Law and Recurring Legal Concepts

Chapter 3

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Chapter 4

Legal Construction of the Employment Environment



PART TWO The Regulation of Discrimination in Employment

Chapter 5

Affirmative Action

Chapter 6

Race and Color Discrimination

Chapter 7

National Origin Discrimination

Chapter 8

Gender Discrimination

Chapter 9

Sexual Harassment

Chapter 10

Affinity Orientation Discrimination

Chapter 11

Religious Discrimination

Chapter 12

Age Discrimination

Chapter 13

Disability Discrimination



PART THREE The Regulation of the Employment Environment

Chapter 14

The Employee's Right to Privacy and Management of Personal Information

Chapter 15

Labor Law

Chapter 16

Selected Employment Benefits and Protections

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