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Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, 2/e

W. C. Benton, Jr., The Ohio State University

ISBN: 0073525197
Copyright year: 2010

Table of Contents


Part 1: Introduction to Purchasing and Supply Management

Chapter 1: Purchasing and Supply Management

Chapter 2: Purchasing Decisions and Business Strategy

Chapter 3: The Legal Aspects of Purchasing

Part 2: Materials Management

Chapter 4: Materials Management

Chapter 5: Inventory Management

Chapter 6: Just-In-Time (Lean) Purchasing

Chapter 7: Purchasing Procedures, E-Purchasing, and Systems Contracting

Part 3: Fundamentals of Purchasing and Supply Management

Chapter 8: Supplier Selection and Evaluation

Chapter 9: Strategic Outsourcing

Chapter 10: Global Sourcing

Chapter 11: Supply Partnerships, and Supply Chain Power

Chapter 12: Total Quality Management (TQM) and Purchasing

Part 4: Price/Cost Analysis and Negotiation Strategies

Chapter 13: Price Determination

Chapter 14: Bargaining and Negotiations

Part 5: Special Purchasing Application

Chapter 15: Purchasing Transportation Services

Chapter 16: Equipment Acquisition and Disposal

Chapter 17: Healthcare Purchasing and Supply Management

Chapter 18: Procuring Professional Services


Case 1: Advanced Computer Logic

Case 2: AMD Construction Company: Negotiating the Old-Fashioned Way

Case 3: The ARMS Procurement System at Tustin State University

Case 4: The Auction Case

Case 5: Austin Wood Products

Case 6: Butler Systems

Case 7: Camp Bowie Technologies, Inc

Case 8: The Capital State Arena

Case 9: Carter Systems Canada, Inc

Case 10: Eastern Waves Inc.

Case 11: Firebird Electric , U.S.

Case 12: Hoosier Pride Construction, Inc.

Case 13: Hudson Fabricators, Inc.

Case 14: KACI Products, Inc.

Case 15: MARS, Inc.

Case 16: Medical Laser Equipment, Inc. (B)

Case 17: Microfuse, Inc

Case 18: NEP: The Art and Science of Purchasing Coal

Case 19: Pendleton Construction, Inc.

Case 20: Point Clear, Inc. (B)

Case 21: Swisher Systems

Case 22: The Tank Case

Case 23: TEMKO Earthmovers

Case 24: Trip 7 Screen Printing



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