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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Under federal law, teachers are protected from discrimination in employment EXCEPT on the basis of
C)sexual orientation.
On the subject of appropriate standards of teacher behavior, the courts have ruled that teachers should NOT be fired for
A)sexual contact with a minor.
C)excessive drinking.
D)using profanity toward students.
A teacher who does not intervene to stop a fight in which a student is seriously injured may be liable for
Teachers are protected under the 1st Amendment when making public statements about their school -- even if those statements are in conflict with the opinions or positions of the school administration -- based on the Supreme Court ruling in
A)Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District.
B)Pickering v. Board of Education.
C)Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeir.
D)Bethel School District v. Fraser.
A literature teacher distributes a copy of Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" on the first day of class every year. Since she has never requested copyright permission from the publisher, she may be in violation of the fair use rule of
C)cumulative effect.
D)academic freedom.
The Family Rights and Privacy Act is also known as
A)Title VII.
B)the Buckley Amendment.
C)in loco parentis.
D)due process.
In 1969 Morris Dees, a civil rights lawyer, sued this organization for refusing to admit black children.
B)Junior League
C)Boys' and Girls' Clubs of America
D)Boy Scouts
Which Supreme Court decision upheld a student's right to freedom of speech in symbolic form?
A)Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District
B)Pickering v. Board of Education
C)Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeir
D)Bethel School District v. Fraser
Which of the following would constitute a violation of students' First Amendment rights?
A)School administrators censor an article on teenage homosexuality in a student newspaper written by the journalism class.
B)The school librarian restricts student access to the Internet using a software filter program.
C)The faculty decides not to include Of Mice and Men and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings in the ninth-grade curriculum because these books deal with age-inappropriate issues.
D)A student is suspended for wearing a Pepsi T-shirt on "Coke Day" to protest the corporate sponsorship of the school by the Coca-Cola Company.
Students infected with HIV/AIDS are protected from discrimination under the
A)Civil Rights Act.
B)4th Amendment.
C)Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
D)14th Amendment.
Which students are protected from sexual harassment in schools under Title IX?
A)female students
B)male students
C)gay and lesbian students
D)all of the above
E)a and b only
In order for a school district to be held financially liable for sexual harassment against a student, it must be reported to a
C)district official.
D)any of the above.
School prayer is allowed
A)during a meeting on school property by students participating in a religious club.
B)at football games if it is led by students.
C)at graduation ceremonies if school officials hold a vote among the student body.
D)in class if students who do not want to participate are permitted to remain silent or leave the room.
E)none of the above.
District officials who suspect there is a drug problem at the local high school are legally permitted to
A)search all students' lockers for drugs or related paraphernalia.
B)conduct random drug testing on student athletes.
C)use police dogs to search students who are suspected of using or selling drugs.
D)all of the above.
E)none of the above.
The contemporary approach to moral education that is designed to exemplify and instill the core attributes of a moral person is called
A)values clarification.
B)individual analysis.
C)comprehensive values education.
D)character education.

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