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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Which of the following does a research proposal not attempt to communicate?
A)purpose of the intended study
B)results of the study, along with a discussion about them
C)importance of the intended study
D)step-by-step plan for conducting the study
Which section of a research proposal describes succinctly what the research proposes to investigate?
A)purpose of the study
B)justification of the study
C)research question
D)definition of terms
In which section of a research proposal must researchers make clear why this particular subject is important to investigate?
A)the research question
B)definition of terms
C)justification of the study
D)purpose of the study
In which section of a research proposal must researchers state the particular question to be investigated?
A)justification of the study
B)research question
C)definition of terms
D)purpose of the study
Which is not a question to ask when evaluating a research report?
A)Were the instruments valid for the purpose?
B)Was the sample representative of the intended population?
C)Was the procedure clear enough to be reproduced?
D)Was it published in an important journal?
Which section of a research report is not contained in a research proposal?
A)justification of the study
B)research question
C)results and discussion about them
D)purpose of the study
The essential difference between a research proposal and a research report is that
A)a research report states what was done rather than what will be done and includes the actual results of the study.
B)a research report states the research question.
C)a research report states the purpose of the study.
D)all of these
Discussion of internal validity is found in which section of a research proposal?
C)results and findings
D)key terms
Discussion of results and findings is found in which section of a research proposal?
D)none of these
Which statement does not apply to the "discussion" section of a report?
A)It should be consistent with the study results.
B)It should not go beyond the study results.
C)It should generally be distinct from the results.
D)In qualitative studies, keeping it distinct from results is difficult.
In the data analysis section the researcher discusses which of the following?
A)the budget
B)how the data will be collected
C)results and findings
D)all of these
Normally, the final section of a report is the offering of some suggestions for:
A)ways of collecting more data.
B)more funding.
C)further research.
D)none of these
A research report communicates what was actually:
A)done in a study, and what resulted.
C)funded for further research.
D)all of these

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