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World Music: Traditions and Transformations, 2/e

Michael B. Bakan, The Florida State University

ISBN: 0073526649
Copyright year: 2012

New to this Edition

New Sections in the Text covering Bollywood, Japanese music, Brazilian music, steel band, mariachi, tango, salsa and Latin jazz, South African isicathamiya, Irish vocal music, Javanese and Balinese gamelan, Middle Eastern art music, and Indonesian, Chinese-American, and First Nations/Native American rock.

Extensively Revised Introductory Chapters on musical elements facilitate greater accessibility and reading enjoyment, especially for non-music majors.

Guided Listening Experiences, which use narrative descriptions followed by bulleted listening summaries to illuminate key musical and cultural features, have been substantially revised for improved clarity.

An Expanded 4-CD Set (available separately, ISBN 9780077337711) featuring extended and remastered tracks from the first edition’s CD compilation along with nineteen new selections—over an hour of new music for this edition.

Extensive Lists of Links to Online Video Resources, organized by chapter, are now available at the author’s personally maintained Web site,

Other detailed changes to the text include:

  • Extensive revision of Chapters 3–6, which cover the elements of music, and of the Guided Listening Experience narratives and summaries of Chapters 7–13; these revisions facilitate greater clarity, accessibility, and reading enjoyment, especially for nonmusic majors.
  • Expansion of the Latin American music chapter, Chapter 11, to include new sections on samba, bossa nova, tropicália, tango, steel band, Andean music, and mariachi, as well as additional coverage of salsa and Latin jazz.
  • Addition of new sections to the Indonesian music chapter, Chapter 7, including both a comparative discussion of Central Javanese gamelan and Balinese gamelan gong kebyar and an introduction to the innovative gamelan-jazz-rock fusion of Balinese electric guitar virtuoso I Wayan Balawan.
  • A major revision of the chapter on Indian music, Chapter 8, which now incorporates a complete Hindustani raga performance by Ravi Shankar and a substantive section on Bollywood film music.
  • Supplementation of the chapter on Irish music, Chapter 9, with new examples and discussions emphasizing Irish vocal genres including sean nós and influential bands like Planxty.
  • A new boxed feature in the chapter on African music, Chapter 10, which focuses on South African isicathamiya and is linked to a new example on the CD set by Ladysmith Black Mambazo.
  • Increased attention to instrumental art music of the Middle East in Chapter 12, including a new Guided Listening Experience exploring the artistry of Iraqi ‘ud master Ahmed Mukhtar and his takht ensemble.
  • The scope of the chapter on Chinese music, Chapter 13, has been expanded through the addition of new materials on Chinese and Chinese American rock, as well as by the aforementioned coverage of Japanese traditions with significant historical or contemporary ties to Chinese musical culture (gagaku, koto, J-pop).
  • The first edition’s chapter on music and Jewish mysticism (Chapter 14) is now available online for adopters of the second edition.

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