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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Based on the current U.S. abortion rate, what percentage of women will have had an abortion by age 45?
A)too small to measure
C)more than one-third
D)about three-fourths
The preferred method of abortion from the 6th to the 12th week of pregnancy is
A)dilation and evacuation.
B)ectopic aspiration.
C)partial birth abortion.
D)suction curettage.
Most induced abortions occur _______________ weeks of gestation.
A)in the first 8
B)at 9–12
C)at 13–16
D)at 16–20
Originally, abortion policy in the United States was dictated by
A)contemporary medical opinion.
B)English common law.
C)religious dogma.
D)an individual’s conscience.
An abnormal pregnancy that develops outside of the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube, is called
A)a miscarriage.
B)a stillbirth.
C)an amniotic pregnancy.
D)an ectopic pregnancy.
Which of the following is true about abortion with mifepristone?
A)It can be offered by any physician, regardless of training or equipment.
B)It has no known side effects.
C)It involves a surgical procedure.
D)It is a relatively uncommon abortion procedure in the United States.
Labor induction
A)does not require a hospital stay.
B)is increasing in popularity in the United States.
C)is used in approximately 20% of all abortions.
D)uses prostaglandins to induce labor.
Which of the following statements is the most accurate characterization of postabortion fertility?
A)Fertility decreases after a single abortion.
B)Fertility decreases after multiple abortions.
C)Since 1973, abortion-induced sterility has increased.
D)Neither single nor multiple early abortions affect fertility.
The strongest psychological feelings about an abortion usually occur
A)immediately following the abortion.
B)immediately preceding the abortion.
C)months after the abortion.
D)years after the abortion.
If a woman facing an unwanted pregnancy has strong feelings of ambivalence about having an abortion, her best action would be to
A)avoid telling anyone she is pregnant.
B)avoid hasty decisions or actions
C)find a skilled clinician.
D)reach a decision quickly to minimize the stress associated with uncertainty.

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