Core Concepts in Health, Brief
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Core Concepts in Health, Brief Update, 10/e

Paul M. Insel, Stanford University
Walton T. Roth, Stanford University

ISBN: 0073529648
Copyright year: 2008

What's New

  • A new boxed feature, "Gender Matters." These boxes examine issues of particular importance to women and men and address key gender differences; topics include gender differences in such areas as responses to stress, risk of depression and suicide, communication styles, health effects from tobacco and alcohol use, dietary needs, body image, and risk of unintentional injuries and violence.
  • Expanded coverage of ethnic diversity. New and updated statistics and information address differences in areas such as life expectancy, tobacco use, CVD risk, obesity, AIDS, contraceptive use, and genetic disorders.
  • Key topic updates and additions. Examples include USDA dietary guidelines; physical activity guidelines from the USDA, WHO, and other organizations; trans fat food labeling requirements; research on low-fat and low-carb diets; dietary supplement safety and labeling issues; diabetes and pre-diabetes; cholesterol guidelines; links between lifestyle and quality and quantity of life; and avian influenza, mad cow disease, and other emerging infections.
  • Updated "In the News" boxes. More than half of the “In the News” boxes are new to this edition; new topics include medical technologies in the twenty-first century, antidepressants and suicide risk, same-sex marriage, and factors influencing eating habits among Americans.
  • Updated statistics and Internet resources. Examples of updated statistics include those for leading causes of deaths, life expectancy, cardiovascular disease and cancer, and more. In addition, the lists of recommended Internet resources and suggested readings have been updated throughout the text.
  • Updated and expanded supplements. The Online Learning Center and Instructor’s Interactive CD-ROM provide updated and expanded instructor and student tools. New video and image library CDs provide new resources for enhancing lectures.
  • Resource Presentation Manager A New video and image library CD, it provides new resources for enhancing lectures.
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