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International Marketing, 15/e

Philip R. Cateora, University of Colorado-Boulder
Mary C. Gilly, University of California-Irvine
John L. Graham, University of California-Irvine

ISBN: 007352994x
Copyright year: 2011

Feature Summary

  • Updated Crossing Borders boxes: These extremely popular boxes reflect contemporary issues in international marketing and can be used to illustrate real-life situations as a basis for class discussion. They are selected to be unique, humorous and very interesting to the student.

  • Global Perspectives: Each chapter is introduced by a Global Perspective. These are real-life examples of global company experiences that are discussed in the chapter.

  • The County Notebook – A Guide to Developing a Marketing Plan: This is found in Part 6, Supplementary Material. The text's Online Learning Center (OLC) is home to the Country Notebook, a comprehensive, interactive tool for analyzing a foreign market prior to drawing up a marketing plan. Through a mixture of maps, fill-in-the-blank questions and web links, the Country Notebook leads students through a detailed inventory of the country in question, highlighting political, cultural, economic, and geographic issues.

  • International Negotiation Chapter: Chapter 19 on international negotiation serves as a culminating final and unique chapter in which students will use their background on the international marketing environment and apply it to the nuances of negotiating. John Graham’s renowned expertise in international negotiation is evident in this chapter.

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