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Relationship Building: Direct Marketing, Personal Selling, and Sales Promotion

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After studying this chapter, you will be able to:

  1. Discuss the importance of relationship marketing and IMC.
  2. Define direct marketing and discuss its role in IMC.
  3. Explain the importance of databases to direct marketers.
  4. Discuss the role of personal selling in an IMC program.
  5. Describe the advantages and drawbacks of personal selling.
  6. Define sales promotion and discuss its importance as a communications tool.
  7. Identify the benefits and drawbacks of sales promotion.
  8. Explain the difference between push and pull strategies and give some tactical examples of each in sales promotion.
  9. Enumerate the various types of direct-mail advertising.
  10. Detail the various costs associated with direct-mail advertising.
  11. Assess which kinds of mailing lists are best.

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