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Multiple Choice Quiz
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In the twenty-first century the four functions of management are:
A)monitoring, organizing, suggesting, and accommodating employees.
B)planning, organizing, controlling, and leading employees.
C)planning, organizing, suggesting, and accommodating employees.
D)monitoring, suggesting, journaling, and accommodating employees.
Don MacKinnon, the person in charge of "Hear Music" has been given goals related to the rollout and sales of this subsidiary of Starbucks.  His success at implementing the strategy will be assessed by comparing actual performance against the goals.  This comparison is known as:
The three main types of managers include:
A)general, specific, and frontline managers.
B)general, specific, and detailed managers.
C)general, functional, and frontline managers.
D)general, functional, and detailed managers.
Because GE is organized into different divisions, one for each business, it is known as a:
A)multidivisional enterprise.
B)poorly managed firm.
C)multi-business unit.
D)multi-corporate concern.
The most demanding issues that managers encounter in their first year on the job all have to do with:
A)learning the financial ratios of their department.
B)learning to interface with the government.
C)learning to scan the environment for things that would influence their business strategy.
D)people challenges.
A successful person in which of the following positions may be promoted to a management position?
A)a scientist
B)an accounting professional
C)an engineer
D)All of the above may lead to successful management positions.
One of the earliest and most enduring descriptions of managerial roles comes from:
A)Adam Smith.
B)Peter Drucker.
C)Jack Welsh.
D)Henry Mintzberg.
In a spokesperson managerial role, a CEO may persuade investment analysts that his or her company is pursuing a good strategy.  What is the likely outcome of this?
A)The analysts may write a favorable investment report that leads to a decrease in the company's stock price.
B)The analysts may write a favorable investment report that leads to an increase in the company's stock price.
C)The analysts may write a favorable investment report that increases the difficulty of raising new capital.
D)The analysts may write a favorable investment report that makes it difficult to issue new stock.
Competencies include:
A)skills, IQ, and values.
B)skills, IQ, and motivational preferences.
C)IQ, values, and motivation.
D)skills, values, and motivational preferences.
When call center managers spend much of their time monitoring customer calls and giving employees feedback about how to improve their dialogue with customers in the future, these managers are using __________ skills.

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