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Career Opportunities
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Applied Anthropology
This website provides links to job opportunities and career preparation sites.
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Careers in Anthropology
This site lists dozens of careers a young anthropologist could pursue, and includes a separate list of the necessary skills.
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Careers in Archaeology
This archaeological FAQ tells students what they can do now to get ready for a successful career in archaeology.
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Careers in Forensic Anthropology
This website provides detailed advice and explanations about the career of a forensic anthropologist.
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Career Resources in Anthropology
Teeming with information and resources, this is a quality-if very wordy-site for students who want to know more about anthropology careers in general. The organizations listed are all local to NKU (Northern Kentucky University).
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Student Guide to Becoming a Primatologist
This is a very thorough student guide to becoming a primatologist.
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Careers in Physical Anthropology
Students interested in a non-academic career in physical anthropology can investigate some of their options here.
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Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities
This site posts archaeological fieldwork opportunities from around the globe.
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Primatology Jobs
Primatology jobs at all levels are posted here.
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The National Association of Student Anthropologists
The National Association of Student Anthropologists addresses the concerns of students and encourages them to get involved as young anthropologists.
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Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
This website offers many grant opportunities through the Sloan Foundation.
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