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The Science of Psychology: An Appreciative View

Laura A. King, University of Missouri at Columbia

ISBN: 007353188x
Copyright year: 2008


The Science of Psychology: An Appreciative View's Tools for Success is a highly collaborative and integrated program comprised of support for instructors teaching and students studying Introductory Psychology. The author team is made up of award-winning instructors who reflect on the issues of culture and diversity that are critical to an Introductory Psychology course. You will find the voice of Laura King reflected throughout the program, from the scaffolding approach to assessment to the way the study guide shapes students' study skills. The Tools for Success create a safety net designed to help instructors effectively teach the course and to make the text even more accessible to students.

For Instructors
  • PrepCenter for Introductory Psychology is a comprehensive online media library that lets you search for individual media assets the way you want to search -- by chapter, concept, or media type. This site features instructor materials, videos, and images to enhance your lectures and ultimately your students’ learning experiences. New to PrepCenter are McGraw-Hill's Dynamic PowerPoints, which take a concept-based, visual approach to explaining the major concepts in Introductory Psychology. These PowerPoints have been thoroughly designed and reviewed, and can be inserted into your PowerPoint presentations or used as is. To access PrepCenter, please go to

  • Instructors Manual by Nina Tarner, Sacred Heart University provides you with all the tools and resources you need to present and enhance your course. The Instructors Manual includes learning objectives, lecture and discussions ideas, and handouts. The Connections section serves as a roadmap that will direct you to all the other ancillaries for that chapter and will point out all of the unique and interesting features available.

  • Test Bank by Edna Ross, University of Louisville includes over 100 questions per chapter. The test questions are organized by chapter and are designed to test factual, applied, and conceptual understanding. The test questions build on the study skills gained through the Student Study Guide and online quizzes. The test bank will also be compatible with EZTest, McGraw-Hill’s Computerized Test Bank program.

  • PowerPoint Presentations by Chris Randall, Kennesaw State University cover the key points of each chapter and include charts and graphs from the text. The PowerPoint presentations serve as an organization and navigation tool integrated with examples and activities from an expert instructor. The slides can be used as is or modified to meet your needs.

  • Classroom Performance System by Mary Anne Taylor, Clemson University include a mix of factual and opinion questions that will let you know what concepts your students are mastering and those with which they are having difficulty.

  • Image Gallery complete with all of the figures and tables from your text. These images are available for download and can be easily embedded into your PowerPoint slides.

For Students
  • Student Study Guide by Chad Burton, University of Missouri, Columbia takes an active learning approach with chapter-by-chapter learning goals, chapter outlines, practice tests, and appreciative view exercises. This study guide is designed to help students fully grasp the material in the text by shaping study skills. This Study Guide will help students learn what needs to be included in a good chapter outline by demonstrating it in the first few chapters then gradually removing material as the chapters—and students' study skills—progress.

  • Student Online Learning Center by Nathan Smith, Texas Woman's University contains chapter-by-chapter quizzes, outlines, and learning objectives. The Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, and True/False quizzes ask questions that build on skills learned from thorough use of the Study Guide.
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