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Learning Objectives
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Module 1
Learning Objectives:
1–1 Define psychology, including its scope, goals, and methods.
1–2 Name and describe the different subfields of psychology and distinguish between them by giving examples of the work and workers in each field.
1–3 Identify and describe two newer fields of psychology.
1–4 Identify the significant demographic trends of the profession, including place of employment, international and gender distribution, and educational background.

Module 2
Learning Objectives:
2–1 Discuss the history of the science of psychology and the approaches taken by early psychologists.
2–2 Name and outline the key characteristics of each of the five current perspectives in psychology.

Module 3
Learning Objectives:
3–1 List the key issues for psychology and be able to identify statements that represent each issue.
3–2 Understand the impact of culture, ethnicity, and race on behavior.
3–3 Discuss the trends that are emerging within psychology.
3–4 Differentiate between rigorous psychological approaches and popularizations.

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