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Describe the challenges that immigrant parents might face raising their children in the United States. What recommendations would you make to the immigrant parents to lessen the risk that their children will develop emotional and behavioral problems?
If you were responsible for an education program designed to prepare children for adolescence and adulthood, what are the most important lessons you should include? What possible changes would you recommend for the U.S. educational system in order to better prepare adolescents for their transition to adulthood?
Describe how youth in your generation have experienced the transition to adulthood versus youth from 50 or 100 years ago. How are the transitions different? Which generation had the easiest transition to adulthood?
At what age do you feel American children and adolescents should be held responsible for their unlawful actions? For example, should a child or adolescent be found guilty of first degree murder, what sort of punishment is appropriate, and how would the offender's age affect the punishment selected?
Consider the fact that there are different age points at which adolescents earn adult privileges, such as driving (age 16), voting (age 18), and drinking (age 21). Should this practice be continued, in your opinion, or should there be one single "age of majority" at which the American adolescent is granted all of these adult privileges?
What impact, if any, does the elongation of adolescence have on development? What is the inventionists' perspective? How would inventionists describe the elongation of adolescence?
Imagine that you live in a low-income community and have just been elected to a city counsel leadership position. Community members want to know how neighborhood conditions can influence adolescent development. What will you tell them? What would you suggest the city do to improve undesirable neighborhood characteristics?

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