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Topic Sentences

Choosing the Best Topic Sentence

Choose the best topic sentence for each of the following paragraphs.

      Every year, a different person in my family cooks the Thanksgiving feast. For this person, Thanksgiving is not much fun. The person who does all the cooking has to start preparing the meal the night before the holiday. Then, on Thanksgiving morning, the cook has to get up early to put the turkey in the oven. Everyone else usually sleeps in late and spends the day watching sports or visiting with friends and family. Every once in a while, someone will go into the kitchen to ask, "When are we going to eat?" But no one offers to help.
A)Thanksgiving isn't a holiday for everyone in my family.
B)It's fun to watch sports on Thanksgiving.
C)Thanksgiving is a lot of work.
      When I was a kid, every Sunday, my whole family went to my grandparents' house for dinner. They had four children, and all of them were married, so there were often twenty or more people for dinner. The house was always filled with laughter. The young children sat at the "kiddie table" in the kitchen. You had to be over thirteen to sit with the adults. But no matter where you sat, the food was the same, and it was delicious. My grandparents were Italian, so we always had pasta. But the pasta was just one part of the meal. The pasta course was usually followed by a plate of fish or beef and vegetables. No one left the table hungry, that's for sure. After dinner, everyone gathered in the living room to play games and visit. Around nine o'clock, everyone would finally start getting ready to go home, but no one ever wanted to leave.
A)Italian family meals are huge.
B)It can be difficult to have a large family.
C)One of my best childhood memories is Sunday dinner at my grandparents.

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