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Organizing a Paragraph

Arrange the following sentences in order to make a unified, well-organized paragraph.

a. I knew one parent who told his daughter he would not pay for her education if she stayed home.

b. In fact, many students would probably study more if they lived at home.

c. This is why parents, teachers, and counselors usually encourage students to go away to school even if there are good colleges and universities close by.

d. With this encouragement, it's not surprising that she decided to go to school in another state.

e. However, adults often feel that becoming independent is crucial to a student's future success.

f. It's easy to see that a college education in the United States is much more than an academic experience.

g. They usually do not give this advice for academic reasons.


Many people in the United States believe that leaving home is an important part of the college experience.







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