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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Recognizing and paying attention to how one feels is known as
A)managing emotions
C)handling relationships
D)motivating oneself
Daniel Goleman develops his concept of emotional intelligence by using five characteristics. Which of them is NOT correctly explained?
A)Being self aware means being able to distance yourself from your emotions to avoid reacting too quickly and then being able to deny them so you can keep communication lines open.
B)Managing emotions means recognizing them and expressing them in ways that are appropriate to the situation without letting the emotions control you.
C)Motivating yourself means setting a goal and disciplining yourself to reach it while being able to resist impulses.
D)Handling relationships means being well liked, but maintaining balance so that your own needs are not neglected.
What statement about physical attraction is accurate?
A)It is equally important to teens and adults.
B)It often forms the basis of a long-lasting relationship.
C)It provides a motivation to get to know someone, but is not usually the basis for a long-term relationship.
D)It is linked with perceived gain as a component of emotional intelligence.
A critical question in a marriage is whether you want to play the role defined by
A)your father
B)your mother
C)your own defined role
D)These are all in question.
Which of the following is NOT on the list of factors involved in being attracted to others?
C)perceived gain
In discussing attraction to other people, proximity refers to
A)minimizing differences of culture or setting in order to enhance a relationship
B)close contact, such as at work or school, that leads to a relationship
C)the combination of compatibility and similarities when people interact with one another on a regular basis
D)a perceived gain that someone thinks might come from working or studying with another person
Which of the following is NOT a motive for interpersonal communication?
Which of the following influence(s) one's bidding and responses to bid?
A)the ways people's brains process feelings
B)the way emotions were handled in the home when growing up
C)people's emotional communication skills
D)All of the above
Which of the following is an example of small talk?
A)Have you seen the latest Mel Gibson film? That would be a great film for us to see tomorrow night.
B)I'm in the Philosophy department. What's your major?
C)I am tired of studying for my Chemistry test and thought I'd take a break. Are you busy right now?
D)I should start to study for my Statistics test, but I'd rather talk to you for a few minutes. Do you have a moment?
The textbook defines a bid as
A)a type of feedback that is a response to a verbal message
B)part of a process that leads to a greater level of physical attractiveness
C)a type of small talk that is effective in making a good impression on someone you meet for the first time
D)any type of expression that indicates a desire to feel connected to another person
What statement below is true?
A)Inclusion is a one-to-one emotion.
B)Chat rooms, e-mail and surfing the Internet are forms of control.
C)Spending time talking with friends or family is a form of affection.
D)There is usually less anxiety in computer-mediated communication than in real-life situations.
Which of the following constitutes a bid?
C)looks or touches
D)these are all forms of bids
Which of the following is NOT one of the ways to encourage and reinforce the bids of others?
A)Create a mind-set of looking at others and the world in a positive way.
B)Focus on others instead of your own concerns.
C)Avoid becoming physically or emotionally overwhelmed.
D)Focus on helpful criticism as well as complaints.
Which of the following statements does NOT describe an owned message?
A)It is likely to create defensiveness.
B)It describes unacceptable behavior or a problem on the part of the listener.
C)It shows that the speaker takes responsibility for his/her feelings.
D)It is also called an "I" message.
Which of the following is NOT one of the types of information received during the process of self-disclosure?
Which statement best describes the Johari window?
A)It varies from one relationship to another but not within a relationship.
B)It concerns the level of disclosure that a person is willing to make with various people.
C)It consists of three panes that indicate levels of disclosure.
D)It is used to predict the level of intimacy in a relationship.
Which description fits the material that is found in the hidden pane?
A)material that is known to neither you nor to others
B)information that others know about you but you do not know about yourself
C)data that you purposely choose not to disclose to others
D)information that does not need to be disclosed
Which statement concerning self-disclosure is FALSE?
A)Women tend to be willing to self-disclose more often than men.
B)It is most rewarding when it leads to greater intimacy in a relationship.
C)Fear of losing one's individuality can be a deterrent.
D)Fear of being abandoned can be a deterrent.
With regard to verbal skills, which is NOT true?
A)Females begin talking earlier than males.
B)Males score ahead of women in reading and writing.
C)More females major in English.
D)More females major in foreign languages.
A strong desire by both parties for a relationship is called:
B)Conversational encouragement.
C)Conversational focus.
Commitments in which one is committed regardless of what else occurs are called

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