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Organizational Behavior: Solutions for Management
Paul D. Sweeney, University of Central Florida
Dean B. McFarlin, University of Dayton

Constructively Dealing with Conflict and Stress

Multiple Choice Quiz

Please answer all questions


Jennie Smith, the manager of the marketing department for Fresco Enterprises, is finding herself engaged in a conflict situation with the manager of the accounting department for the firm. Jennie is under time constraints for concluding a project and needs to have a decision to the CEO within two days. She approaches the accounting manager with a plan to cut her project expenses while asking that department to expedite the funding for advertisements. Jennie's style of conflict resolution in this situation is most probably the _______ style.

Allen Kyle has a very aggressive personality with little regard for the sensitivities of others. He is known to actively engage in open confrontation with the managers of his firm and shouts loudly to command the attention of the members attending the corporate meetings. He resorts to stating “I am the owner so it must be done the way I want it to be done” whenever he stands to lose an argument. It is best indicated that Allen possesses a _________ style of conflict resolution.

Debra Williamson demonstrates her concern for the employees she manages at Gunther Fabricating by consistently giving in to their ideas or suggestions. It is rare for Debra to challenge any employee's request. The best descriptor for her style of conflict resolution is most probably _________.

Japan as well as __________, another collective culture, does not utilize the forcing style of conflict resolution, as it does not agree with their overall philosophy on successful conduct.
D)United States

Which of the following item (s) is/are considered effective managerial suggestions for resolving or reducing conflict?
A)Separation of the parties in conflict
B)Appointment of a conflict stimulator
C)Restrict information to only the managers involved
D)Allow the conflict to play through

The managers and employees of Great Mountain Landscaping have become complacent in their positions. They have practically ceased to generate new ideas and lack inspiration for their jobs. In order to battle this problem, Great Mountain has enlisted the services of an outside firm in order to stimulate a controlled conflict environment within the organization. The hired assistance is most probably called a conflict __________.

Which term best fits the description of “pressures, demands, and strains” that can go hand-in-hand with job duties and responsibilities?
D)None of the above

Examples of stressors include corporate layoffs, new job assignments, and ________.
A)corporate wellness programs
B)adequate communication
C)corporate mergers
D)insightful managers

Jason Sanders is undergoing a great deal of stress at his job. He is unsure exactly how to prioritize his tasks in order to successfully complete his assignments. Jason performs several duties during the course of a day and finds that the accomplishment of one duty directly competes or interferes with the successful accomplishment of another duty. It can be said that Jason is most probably experiencing __________.
A)role ambiguity
B)cultural differences
C)organizational barriers
D)role conflict

Martin Manchez was recently hired on at the Applegate Industrial Firm. He is very unsure exactly what the new job requires of him and has no information as to what resources he may utilize to accomplish his assignments. Martin is feeling a significant amount of dissatisfaction and uncertainty about his new job. It is indicated that Martin is most probably experiencing _________.
A)role conflict
B)role ambiguity
D)All of the above

Which of the following is best described by “aggressive, take-charge individuals who rarely letdown and mostly play to win in situations”?
A)Type B personality
C)Type A personality
D)Effective managers

Michelle Martinez is a registered nurse at a state psychiatric facility. She constantly complains of feeling exhausted and has been experiencing problems with concentration while on duty and in her family life. This in turn has resulted in her loss of enthusiasm for the job and has produced a feeling of personal underachievement in Michelle. Michelle is most probably experiencing ________.
C)role conflict
D)role ambiguity

James has made several changes at his organization that are designed to better accommodate the needs of the employees. For instance, James has established an on-site child and elder day care center. In the three months this center has been functional, the organization has seen a 15% decrease in employee absenteeism. It can be stated that James' organization has recently established a successful __________.
A)corporate wellness program
B)family-supportive policy
C)employee assistance program
D)jobs redesign policy

Which one of the following items is best identified as a program that provides access to professional help for employees who are experiencing problems such as alcohol abuse or emotional difficulties?
A)Jobs Redesign Program
B)Family-Supportive Program
C)Employee Assistance Program
D)Corporate Wellness Program

The ABC Corporation is devoted to helping its employees fare better with their personal health-related issues. ABC offers the employees 24-hour access to an on-site fitness and exercise facility and provides routine screening for blood pressure and cholesterol levels for the workers and their families. It can be stated that the ABC has a/an _________ in place at the organization.
A)corporate wellness program
B)family-supportive policy
C)decisive management techniques
D)employee assistance program