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Portafolio: ¡Lo último en español!

Alicia Ramos, Hunter College
Robert L. Davis, University of Oregon

ISBN: 0077236181
Copyright year: 2009


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For Students
  • Student Edition, Vol. 1 (0-07-723618-1)
  • Student Edition, Vol. 2 (0-07-723619-9)
  • Portafolio de actividades, Vol. 1 (0-07-721612-1)
  • Portafolio de actividades, Vol. 2 (0-07-721613-X)
  • Audio Program, Vol. 1 (0-07-721618-0)
  • Audio Program, Vol. 2 (0-07-721619-9)
  • Quia Online Portafolio de actividades, Vol. 1 (0-07-721614-8)
  • Quia Online Portafolio de actividades, Vol. 2 (0-07-721615-6)
For Instructors
  • Annotated Instructor’s Edition, Vol. 1 (0-07-721611-3)
  • Annotated Instructor’s Edition, Vol. 2 (0-07-725798-7)
  • DVD (0-07-721560-2)
  • Ritmos y sonidos Music CD (0-07-334296-3)

  • On the Online Learning Center:

  • Instructor’s Manual and Testing Program
  • Audioscript
  • Videoscript
  • Image Bank
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Digital Transparencies

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