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Multiple Choice Quiz
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The technological change that brought about the decline of the partisan press was
A)the invention of television.
B)the invention of the high speed rotary press.
C)the invention of radio.
D)the development of chain newspapers.
E)the invention of computers.
The yellow journalism of 1900 was characterized by
A)the use of the telegraph.
B)the emphasis on sensationalism as a way of selling newspapers.
C)prejudice against Asian people and countries.
D)an unwillingness to take editorial positions because of a fear of losing circulation.
E)the desire to present the news in an objective manner.
The traditional media have "softened" their news by
A)infusing it with more partisan talk shows.
B)infusing it with more stories about celebrities, crime, and the like.
C)infusing it with more coverage of international affairs.
D)focusing on editorials instead of non-partisan facts.
E)None of these answers is correct.
Critics of what type of programming believe it reduces the ability of Americans to have a common political experience?
C)Internet surfing
D)social networking
Which of the following was the beginning of the modern media's focus on negative news?
A)the use of the Internet to gather news
B)the development of the penny press
C)the turn to TV as a medium for gathering news
D)reaction to Ronald Reagan's message of the day
E)the Watergate scandal
What government agency regulates electronic media (radio and television)?
A)Federal Radio/TV Agency
B)Commerce Department
C)U.S. Communications Board
D)Electronic Media Commission
E)Federal Communications Commission
Objective reporting is based on the idea that the reporter's job is to
A)report the facts and cover alternative sides of a partisan debate.
B)report what political leaders want them to report.
C)discover what other reporters are saying and provide a uniform interpretation of events.
D)scrutinize the partisan debate, and inform the news audience which party has the better argument.
E)All these answers are correct.
The technology that changed media worldwide in the twentieth century is
B)the Internet.
C)string theory.
D)exit polling.
E)All these answers are correct.
Media tend to focus political coverage on
B)campaign strategy.
C)candidate personality and character.
D)both polls and campaign strategy.
E)All these answers are correct.
New methods of delivering the news means that
A)everyone gets virtually the same news.
B)people get only the news they seek out.
C)accessing the news media has become more difficult.
D)people have become much interested in accessing the news.
E)None of these answers is correct.
News media today are not as interested as a candidate is in talking about
A)the candidate's prior record in accomplishing goals.
B)the deficits of the candidate's opponent.
C)the candidate's positions on the issues facing the country.
D)the candidate's personal life.
E)None of these answers is correct.
News media bias
A)favors liberal causes.
B)favors conservative causes.
C)is commercial and sensational in nature.
D)both favors liberal causes and is commercial and sensational in nature.
E)All these answers are correct.

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