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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Matt is trying to teach his dog Peach how to roll over. He first gives Peach a treat whenever Peach sits. Next, he no longer rewards Peach for sitting but rather gives Peach a treat when the dog actually lies down. Finally, Matt rewards Peach only when the dog rolls over. Matt is using _________ to train Peach to roll over.
A bird will learn very quickly to tap a lever if it is reinforced with birdseed for doing so. Birdseed is an effective reward because it is a _________ reinforcer.
If Coach Winner wants to use shaping successfully to teach Betsy Beginner how to serve a tennis ball, he should
A)reinforce Betsy only when she can serve a ball perfectly.
B)reinforce Betsy for correctly tossing the ball, then for correctly swinging her racket, then for correctly hitting the ball, and finally for aiming the ball into the correct box.
C)allow Betsy to practice for a week without feedback and then evaluate her progress at the end of the week.
D)remain neutral when providing Betsy feedback about her serve.
Which of the following is an example of a primary reinforcer?
A)paying a worker $10 for cleaning the floors
B)catching a fish and eating it
C)giving a child a gold star for earning an A on an exam
D)allowing a teen to stay out past curfew
Bob Boss rewards his telemarketers with $5 every time they make a phone call. What type of reinforcement is Bob using?
A)negative reinforcement
B)partial reinforcement
C)primary reinforcement
D)continuous reinforcement

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