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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Need for achievement is a(n)
A)stable, learned characteristic in which a person obtains satisfaction by striving for and attaining a level of excellence.
B)interest in establishing and maintaining relationships with other people.
C)tendency to seek impact, control, or influence over others.
D)desire to maintain a strong sense of order of one’s life.
Carlotta has a high need for achievement. She is likely to
A)enroll in an easy math course where she knows she will succeed without much effort.
B)enroll in a mid-level math course where she will be challenged but also have a good opportunity for success if she works hard.
C)enroll in a difficult math course that is so challenging that many of the brightest students will do poorly.
D)stay away from math courses, because she is not interested in furthering her education.
People high in need for achievement
A)desire to control others.
B)desire to avoid failure.
C)desire to achieve success.
D)desire to be connected to others emotionally.
One way to measure need for achievement is to
A)look for themes of control and influence in a person’s reports of his or her dreams.
B)measure how fast a person can complete a difficult maze after many repeated trials.
C)show someone an ambiguous picture, have them write a story about it, and look for themes of achievement in the story.
D)have someone study a list of words and then test his or her memory for the list both immediately and after one hour.
Bill has a low need for achievement. He has decided to work a crossword puzzle printed in the local newspaper. Bill has learned that the crossword puzzle is easiest on Monday but grows progressively harder throughout the week. Bill is most likely to
A)attempt Monday’s puzzle, because it is the easiest and he is not likely to have to struggle when completing it.
B)attempt a puzzle midweek, because it won’t be either too easy or too difficult.
C)attempt all of the puzzles and work on each until it is completed.
D)attempt a difficult Friday puzzle first, then attempt the easy Monday puzzle.
Which story reflects a high need for achievement?
A)After many weeks of practice, Tessa wins a tennis tournament for players one level higher than the level at which she had previously competed.
B)John has effectively convinced several of his peers to elect him president of his class.
C)Sidney works very hard to maintain her friendships. For example, she often writes letters to people she has met during her travels overseas.
D)Even though he is 17 years old, Marco signed up to compete in a ping-pong tournament for 14-year-olds because he is sure he won’t lose any matches.

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