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Microeconomics, 19/e

Campbell R. McConnell, University of Nebraska
Stanley L. Brue, Pacific Lutheran University
Sean M. Flynn, Scripps College

ISBN: 0077337735
Copyright year: 2012

Feature Summary

  • A Patient, Step-by-Step Approach: Realizing that for most students, this is their first introduction to economics, the authors take a patient, step-by step approach to teaching the material. The authors explain the theory and models slowly and thoroughly. This approach is easier to follow than that of many other texts on the market which make assumptions and jump through material quickly, leaving students behind.
  • Balanced Coverage: McConnell, Brue, and Flynn’s Economics has continued to be the number-one-selling text over the years because of its thorough and neutral coverage of the material—the authors present both sides, and let instructors and students make up their own minds.
  • Multiple-choice “Quick Quizzes” to accompany the Key Graphs. Graphs that have special relevance are labeled “Key Graphs,” and each includes a multiple-choice quiz. These 4-question quizzes allow students to test their understanding in the multiple-choice format. Answers are provided on the page, but upside down.
  • Extensive Glossary: Over 30 pages with 1000 entries.
  • Figure Legends: Legends accompanying diagrams are often in-depth, self-contained analyses of the concepts. The legends are quick synopses of important ideas. They help the students understand the visual representations more fully.
  • Study Questions and Problems: 10-15 questions and problems follow every chapter, one of which refers to the Last Word Essay. The questions cover concepts and material from the chapter, while the problems ask students to apply those concepts.
  • Quick Review Boxes: 3-4 mini lists interspersed in each chapter used to review content. Students get a chance to review what they’ve read and as a result, retain more.
  • Assessment-Ready Learning Objectives and Testing: Each chapter begins with measurable learning objectives. These learning objectives are cross-referenced to specific test bank questions to allow construction of measurement instruments. This direct link between objectives and content facilitates now common accreditation efforts necessary to meet assurance of learning requirements.
  • Web Chapter: One Web chapter provides additional topical coverage and is available for free use at the textbook website, Chapter 11W: Technology, R&D, and Efficiency
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