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Microeconomics, 19/e

Campbell R. McConnell, University of Nebraska
Stanley L. Brue, Pacific Lutheran University
Sean M. Flynn, Scripps College

ISBN: 0077337735
Copyright year: 2012


Instructor Supplements

Instructor’s Resource CD-ROM (0077464710)
This CD contains everything the instructor needs, including PowerPoint slides, the Digital Image Library containing all of the charts and figures from the text, Test Banks I, II and III, and the Instructor’s Manual.

Instructor’s Manual
Updated and revised by Laura Maghoney of Solano Community College, the IM includes:

  • Chapter summaries
  • Listings of “what’s new” in each chapter
  • Teaching tips and suggestions
  • Learning objectives
  • Chapter outlines
  • Data and visual aid sources with suggestions for classroom use
  • Extra questions and problems

Test Banks
Test Bank I contains about 6300 multiple-choice and true-false questions, most of which were written by the text authors. Randy Grant has revised Test Bank I for the 19th edition. Test Bank II also contains around 6000 multiple-choice and true-false questions, written by Felix Kwan of Maryville University. All Test Bank I and II questions are organized by Learning Objective, topic, AACSB Assurance of Learning, and Bloom’s Taxonomy Guidelines. Test Bank III, written by William Walstad, contains more than 600 pages of short-answer questions and problems created in the style of the book’s end-of-chapter questions. Test Bank III can be used to construct student assignments or design essay and problem exams. Suggested answers to the essay and problem questions are included. In all, more than 12,500 questions give instructors maximum testing flexibility while ensuring the fullest possible text correlation. Test Banks I and II are available through Connect Economics, EZ Test Online, and MS Word. Test Bank III is available in MS Word on the Instructor Center of the OLC.

PowerPoint Presentations
With the assistance of Laura Maghoney, the PowerPoint Presentations for the nineteenth edition were updated by a dedicated team of instructors: Jill Beccaris-Pescatore of Montgomery County Community College, Stephanie Campbell of Mineral Area College, Amy Chataginer of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, and Dorothy Siden of Salem State College. Each chapter, including the Web Chapters, is accompanied by a concise yet thorough tour of the key concepts. Instructors can use the slides in the classroom while students can use the slides to study.

Student Supplements

Study Guide (0077337921)
One of the world’s leading experts on economic education, William Walstad of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has prepared the nineteenth edition of the Study Guide. Many students find the Study Guide indispensable. Each chapter contains an introductory statement, a checklist of behavioral objectives, an outline, a list of important terms, fill-in questions, problems and projects, objective questions, and discussion questions. The text’s glossary appears at the end of the Study Guide. The Guide comprises a superb “portable tutor” for the principles student. Separate Study Guides are available for the macro and micro paperback editions of the text.

Online Supplements

Online Learning Center (
The website accompanying this book contains a host of features. 

For instructors

  • Instructor's Manual
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Digital Image Library containing all images from the text
  • Test Banks I, II, and III
  • Access to all student supplements, including premium content

For Students

  • Three kinds of highly visible Web buttons (Origin of the Idea pieces, Interactive Graphs, and Worked Problems) from the text alert students to points in the book where they can springboard to the website to get more information
  • See the Math section, written by Professor Norris Peterson, enables students to explore the mathematical details of the concepts in the text.
  • Student PowerPoint Presentations summarizing the key chapter concepts.
  • Self-grading Quizzes that test the chapter’s core content.
  • Two optional web chapters covering “Technology, R&D, and Efficiency” and “The Economics of Developing Countries.”
  • Two additional text supplements: Content Options for Instructors 1 and 2 covering “The U.S. and the Global Economy” and “Previous International Exchange-Rate Systems.”


Connect for Economics (0077337743)
McGraw-Hill’s Connect™ for Economics is a web-based homework management system that gives instructors the power to create assignments, practice, tests, and quizzes online, while saving time! Connect provides the questions and problems directly from the end-of-chapter material in McConnell/Brue/Flynn, Economics, so instructors can easily create assignments and tests and deliver them to students. Connect also grades assignments automatically, provides instant feedback to students, and securely stores all student results. Detailed results let instructors see at a glance how each student performs and easily track the progress of every student in your course.

Connect Plus™ for Economics (0077337751)
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