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Organizational Culture, Structure, & Design: Building Blocks of the Organization

Major Questions You Should Be Able to Answer

8.1 What Kind of Organizational Culture Will You Be Operating In?
Major Question: How do I find out about an organization's "social glue," its normal way of doing business?

8.2 Developing High-Performance Cultures
Major Question: What can be done to an organization's culture to increase its economic performance?

8.3 Organizational Structure
Major Question: How are for-profit, nonprofit, and mutual-benefit organizations structured?

8.4 The Major Elements of an Organization
Major Question: When I join an organization, what seven elements should I look for?

8.5 Basic Types of Organizational Structures
Major Question: How would one describe the seven organizational structures?

8.6 Contingency Design: Factors in Creating the Best Structure
Major Question: What factors affect the design of an organization's structure?

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