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MegaStat for Microsoft Excel, Windows and Mac

J. B. Orris, Butler University

Welcome to the MegaStat Tutorials and Installer section of this website.

NOTE: Once you are registered to access the download portion of the site, you will only have 10 days in which to download the MegaStat installer.

In this area you will have access to a multitude of tutorials put together by J. B. Orris of Butler University, the developer of MegaStat. In order to view these tutorials, please click on the MegaStat Tutorials link on the menu at the top-left of this window.

If you would like to download and install MegaStat, please click on the Download MegaStat link on the same menu at the top-left of this window. You will need to use your MegaStat Premium Content key code in order to register for access to this site. If your instructor did not package a MegaStat key code with your textbook, you can purchase Premium Content access in order to proceed to the MegaStat download page.

MegaStat works with Windows versions of Excel 2016, 2013, and 2010. There are also Apple Mac versions for Mac Excel 2016 and 2011. See the MegaStat Information and the MegaStat FAQs links in the Information Center for details.

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