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Lesson 10 Quiz
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Which of the following statements is a probable cause of the #NAME? error value message in an Excel worksheet?
A)The formula uses a value that is not available.
B)The formula is divided by zero.
C)The formula uses unrecognized text.
D)The formula refers to a cell reference that is not valid.
Which of the following business terms describes the practice of examining an worksheet for accuracy of the data?
A)Data validation
Which of the following buttons appears when the mouse is hovered over a cell with an error triangle in an Excel worksheet?
A)Error Checking Options
B)Formula Auditing
C)Evaluate Formula
D)Show Formula
Which of the following Excel error value messages is displayed if =B30/0 is keyed into a cell?
Which of the following statements indicates a reason for digitally signing an Excel workbook?
A)It provides a preview of the worksheet before it is opened.
B)It allows the workbook to be e-mailed.
C)It allows for the data to be compressed.
D)It provides a basic security measure for shared work.
Which of the following command buttons on the Formulas command tab, when clicked, points to cells that rely on the value in the active cell?
A)Trace Precedents
B)Trace Error
C)Evaluate Formula
D)Trace Dependents
Which of the following states a purpose for using the IFERROR logical function in an Excel worksheet?
A)To set a new value for a cell
B)To check for all logical tests
C)To set a custom error message
D)To test for a custom error type
Which of the following cells provides data for a formula in an Excel worksheet?
A)Precedent cell
B)Dependent cell
C)Empty cell
D)Formula cell
Which of the following statements is the purpose for choosing the Precedents option in the Go To Special dialog box in an Excel worksheet?
A)To select cells that support the active cell.
B)To select cells that depend on the active cell.
C)To select cells with data similar to the active cell.
D)To select cells adjacent to the active cell.
Which of the following statements is the best description of Excel error checking?
A)Tests values for common sense and logical placement on the worksheet
B)Checks labels for grammar and spelling and proper relationship to values
C)Checks for patterns, ranges, and consistencies in values and formulas
D)Checks for viruses, worms, and other problems associated with the workbook

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