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Strategic Management: Text and Cases, 7/e

Gregory G. Dess, University of Texas at Dallas
G. T. Lumpkin, Syracuse University
Alan B. Eisner, Pace University
Gerry McNamara, Michigan State University

ISBN: 007786252x
Copyright year: 2014

Case Listing

  1. Robin Hood

  2. Edward Marshall Boehm, Inc.

  3. American International Group and the Bonus Fiasco

  4. Pixar

  5. The Casino Industry

  6. Apple Inc.: Still Taking a Bite Out of the Competition?

  7. Weight Watchers International Inc.

  8. Jamba Juice

  9. Ann Taylor

  10. Heineken

  11. QVC

  12. World Wrestling Entertainment

  13. eBay: Expanding into China

  14. Microfinance: Going Global… and Going Public?

  15. McDonald’s

  16. The Movie Exhibition Industry 2013

  17. Is Dippin’ Dots Frozen Out

  18. Johnson & Johnson

  19. Zynga

  20. The Boston Beer Company

  21. Southwest Airlines: Is Luv Soaring or Sour?

  22. JetBlue Airlines: Getting Over the “Blues?”

  23. Beiersdorf AG: Expanding Nivea’s Global Reach

  24. Louis Vuitton

  25. Nintendo’s WiiU

  26. Backers Beware: Kickstarter Is Not A Store

  27. Samsung Electronics

  28. Procter & Gamble

  29. FreshDirect: Is It Really Fresh?

  30. General Motors

  31. Is One Ford Really Working?

  32. Campbell: Is the Soup Still Simmering?

  33. United Way Worldwide

  34. Keuring: Convenience, Choice, and Competitive Brands

  35. Yahoo!

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