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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Who established the first school of education in the United States?
A)Linda Darling-Hammond
B)Reverend Samuel Hall
C)Horace Mann
D)the Holmes Group
The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)
A)trains entry-level teachers in professional conduct.
B)works to recognize highly competent teachers.
C)was criticized by the Holmes Group for inadequately preparing teachers.
D)None of these answers is correct.
Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding teacher tenure?
A)It may be granted after a probationary period.
B)It provides an expectancy of continued employment.
C)It prevents teachers from ever being dismissed from their jobs.
D)It has been criticized for protecting weak teachers.
In the history of teacher education in the United States, Horace Mann
A)chaired the faculty of the first normal school, in Concord, Vermont.
B)was a member of the influential Holmes Group.
C)worked to establish a board certification process for highly competent teachers.
D)helped establish the first state-supported normal school.
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of teaching as a career?
A)family-friendly work schedules, including summers off
B)comprehensive benefits, including health care and retirement benefits
C)freedom from mindless routine and clerical work
D)ongoing intellectual stimulation
Which of the following is true of teachers' salaries?
A)In order to attract individuals to teaching, federal income tax is no longer assessed on teachers' salaries.
B)Teachers' salaries vary widely from region to region, even district to district.
C)Teachers' salaries have stagnated in the last two decades.
D)California boasts the highest teachers' salaries and has been a national leader in educational funding for more than two decades.
In the colonial era, teachers
A)earned as much as farmers, and even a bit more than merchants, enjoying relatively high status.
B)were trained in teaching academies and focused particularly on maintaining good discipline and promoting Christian values.
C)at the elementary level, typically had not even attended secondary school.
D)attended "normal schools," whose rising status enabled them to compete successfully for the scarce teaching positions.
Which of the following best describes the status of teaching?
A)Teaching today is finally accepted as a true profession by teachers, the public, and the media.
B)Although the public views teaching as a profession, the media continue to cast doubt on its professional status.
C)Most people believe that teaching has not reached the status of a profession.
D)Teachers have abandoned the effort to be treated as professionals and have focused their energies almost entirely on improving their salaries.
Tomorrow's Teachers and A Nation Prepared both called for
A)higher standards for teachers in the United States.
B)merit pay systems and career ladders to reward competent teachers.
C)establishing "normal schools" to standardize teacher preparation.
D)lengthening teacher training programs to four years.
Which of the following statements about Teach for America is FALSE?
A)Despite being relatively large in size, it has had only medium success in recruiting highly motivated and talented recruits.
B)It is criticized by educators, such as Linda Darling-Hammond, who believe it is unprofessional and irresponsible.
C)It attracts a greater proportion of teachers of color than traditional, university-based teacher education programs.
D)It is a "fast track" training program for motivated college graduates to become teachers and serve in some of America's most difficult classrooms.
All of the following statements are true regarding alternative teacher preparation programs EXCEPT
A)alternative teacher education programs assume that college graduates know their subject area content.
B)alternative teacher education programs now prepare more than half of the teachers in the United States.
C)alternative teacher education programs train their members through structured apprenticeship-style approaches.
D)alternative teacher education programs do not draw in diverse candidates.
Which of the following statements is TRUE?
A)Dean Henry Holmes of Massachusetts is known for his early yet unsuccessful efforts to establish normal schools.
B)Teach for America recruits individuals to teaching and grants its graduates a master's degree in education or teaching.
C)The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards administers yearly minimum competency tests to aspiring teachers to weed out unqualified teaching candidates.
D)Alternative training programs, such as Teach for America, provide short-term but controversial fixes for teacher shortages.
Which of the following statements is TRUE?
A)The National Education Association has far more members than the American Federation of Teachers.
B)The National Education Association took the lead in school desegregation efforts soon after the Supreme Court ruled that separate is not equal.
C)The American Federation of Teachers is the older and more established professional organization.
D)Only members of the American Federation of Teachers are represented in collective bargaining.
Which of the following represents one of the five core components of effective teaching according to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards?
A)Accomplished teachers should adjust their teaching styles to align with the standardized tests their students must pass.
B)Accomplished teachers must be pragmatic in their instruction, focusing their efforts on those students who learn best.
C)Accomplished teachers draw on multiple disciplines and resources and make good instructional decisions.
D)Accomplished teachers keep their professional practice focused almost exclusively on their classrooms.

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