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Experience Music, 3/e

Katherine Charlton, Mt. San Antonio College

ISBN: 0078025133
Copyright year: 2012


  • Refined innovative three-part chapter structure develops superior listening skills through repeated exposures to key works. First Hearing (formerly called Listening Introductions) now include more focused questions; Featured Listening continues the experience of hearing the featured musical selection, guiding students step-by-step through the selection; Finale boxes now incorporate more of what the students have learned throughout the chapter.
  • Illustrated "Preludes." Preceding groups of chapters, these beautifully illustrated sections provide essential historical, social, and cultural background to the various musical periods.
  • Targeted questions in the "Hearing the Difference" sections guide students to listen for distinguishing characteristics such as instrumentation, rhythm, tempo, and other elements.
  • Online Learning Center includes the multimedia material previously contained on CD-Rom, including interactive versions of the listening guides, and video and interactive activities that present key concepts. Also available online is the chapter on Rock Music.
  • Chapter on World Music. The final part of the text has been reorganized to presents the world music content in its own chapter, allowing for increased flexibility.
  • Enhanced pedagogy, including a running pronunciation guide, composer boxes (with biographical information and list of key works), and the addition of page numbers to chapter ending list of "New People and Concepts", reinforces content throughout and provides students with added resources for study and review.
Charlton: Experience Music, Third Edition book cover

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